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Gay Days at Walt Disney World is a loosely organized event where lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals, their families, friends and supporters go to Disney World on a single day each year.

It is now a nearly one week event at all of the parks; full of fun, fellowship and frolic. MAY30. Disney World Gay Days shared a link. · November 25, 2017 ·. Hidden Holiday Treasures at the Walt Disney World Resort - WDW News Today.

The event's official website describes this visit to the Magic Kingdom as "the signature event of the week," where "an estimated 50,000 red-shirted Gay Days attendees pack Walt Disney World's original park."

First Disneyland Gay Days! | Tomorrowland People Mover On Ride HD POV Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World - Duration: 13:35. Theme Park Worldwide 220,512 views.

Gay Days takes place the first weekend in June in Orlando Florida. Gay Days will feature The Gay Days Expo, concerts, comedy events and parties. Scheduled days for Gay Day at the Parks are also a part of this huge Lesbian and Gay celebration.

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When is Gay week at Disney? Your help would be great!!! whats expected during the gay days at disney? Click to expand... It's expected that there will be a lot of gay people in Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World gay days 2017. Published: 2017/10/17. Channel: Jim Barnable. Held on the first Saturday in June (with numerous other events in the area during the preceding week), it is now one of the largest gay pride events in the world.[citation needed].

In Florida, the Walt Disney World resort has supported mostly conservative lawmakers this year, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The Walt Disney Co. has never officially come out in support of gay marriage, but it has allowed same-sex News Corp And Disney Stocks Reach 52-Week Highs.
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